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2007 Fishing Reports

Date   Dec 30, 2007 Water Temp   Low 30's early to mid 30's later
Lake Level   706.0 Discharge 0 Water Clarity   Good
Crappie fishing is good. The fish are in 25ft of water or more fishing 20ft deep. We are fishing bluffs and channel trees catching a lot of nice crappie. the bait of choice is blk/char in the 1/8 oz jig head. We fished Dec 29th and had good fish. The lake is great shape, the crappie fishing is fun, and are seeing several Bald eagles on the lake. Its worth a trip down.
Bass no report
Catfish no report
If you  are looking for a winter guide trip and want to make a weekend trip out of it our lodge is open.We would be glad to have you. If you are looking for a trip call 660-477-3900 ask for Richard or Marvin.  If you want up to the minute fishing report call us. Thanks Bucksaw


Date   Dec 22, 2007 Water Temp   35
Lake Level   705.5 Discharge 0 Water Clarity   Good
Crappie fishing is great, we are catching a lot of nice crappie.The bite from Bucksaw to Long Shoal area is good. There is a few key spots on the bluffs and bluff ends that are holding fish. The cold weather does not hurt any thing. We fished last monday , the air temp was 18 degrees the water temp was 31 and the big crappie was on fire.Come and fish with us you will have fun!
Bass no report
Catfish no report
If you are looking for a winter guide trip Call 660-477-3900 ask for Richard or Marvin.


Date   Oct 11, 2007 Water Temp   74
Lake Level   706.5  Discharge 0 Water Clarity   Stained
    Well folks, the weather has finally broken here in Missouri, and it's a beautiful time to be outdoors, whether fishing or hunting.  Speaking of hunting, the cool weather has started the deer to moving, with several nice bucks being taken during this archery season.  A nice 9 pointer was taken near the lake, with several more being seen, but no chance for a shot.  This is also the Fall Turkey Season, with a lot of birds being taken by shotgun.  If you want to hunt this area, give us a call, and let us help you tag a nice one.  There are a LOT of deer and turkey in this area. 
Bass continue to move into the creeks, and the best bite seems to be on spinner baits. The best thing to remember is to look for the shad, and if you find them, the bass will be near.  Early in the morning, try a buzzbait or other topwater.  This might be a good time to try a swim bait, working it slow enough to form a wake on the surface.
Crappie   Some quality Crappie continue to be caught in the Bucksaw area.  Crappie are still being found on the main lake flats anywhere from 15 - 20+ ft. deep, with the best bite coming off of hardwood trees.  Some nice 12-13 inch fish are being caught.  The best bait continues to be minnows.  Work the baits at various depths until you find out where they are on that particular day. 


  The catfish are still being caught off of the flats, with the fish being primarily flatheads and channel cats.  Continue to fish jugs and trot liines baited with cutbait set around 5 feet deep. 
Whitebass   The whites are starting to move up onto the windblown banks and points.  The best bait right now is a white roostertail.  Some good numbers are being caught.


Date   Oct 1, 2007 Water Temp   77
Lake Level   707.30  Discharge -250 cfs Water Clarity   Stained
    The weather has slowed the bite somewhat, but as far as the crappie go, what they lack in numbers, they more than make up for in size.  The cool mornings have also got the deer moving with some NICE bucks being seen.  With today beinig the start of Fall Turkey season, a lot of birds are being see right now. If you're looking to come up, give us a call to make your reservations.
The Bass have gone to several different patterns, but basically they are still being found on the main lake points, as well as in the creeks, where they are starting to move to the backs.  Best bait on points would be buzzbaits, switching to a 10" worm as the sun gets up.  Creeks are being fished with spinnerbaits as well top water.  Look for the baitfish, and the bass will be close by.
Crappie   The Crappie haved moved a little deeper lately, and slowed somewhat, but they are making up for it in size.  Continue fishing the trees on main lake flats, anywhere from 10 - 20+ feet.  Had a good limit of crappie brought in this morning with several fish in the 12"-13" range.  Best bait is still minnows fished on a jighead.


  Continue fishing on main lake flats around 10 ft. deep with jugs.  Hooks should be set about 5 ft. deep with the best bait right now being cut bait.
Whitebass   White bass are being found on humps, and main lake points in the evenings.  Best baits now are spoons and rattletraps.
Date   Sep 17, 2007 Water Temp   78
Lake Level   707.32  Discharge -0 Water Clarity   Stained
    Well folks, the cool weather joined us at Bucksaw this past weekend, but if nothing else it made the bass fishing HOT.  More on that in the report, but the cool weather also turned out the deer for the opening weekend of bow season.  A lot of does were seen along with several nice bucks, although no one managed to score on the bucks.  As we reported earlier, with the past high water, a lot of deer are being seen along the shore of the lake, as the deer feed on the new vegetation, and this makes the visibility excellent.  We are looking forward to deer season and the waterfowl season, so make your reservations early if you're planning on coming up to hunt.
As mentioned earlier, the bass were hot this past weekend.  Local 148 I.U.O.E. were up here with their annual Leukemia and Lymphoma benefit tournament.  A total of 170 boats were entered with a total of 77 boats weighing 207 fish for a total weight of 583 lbs.  The primary bait was the spinnerbait, but the 10" worm was also used along with some crankbaits.  The largest fish weighed was in excess of 6 lbs with several 5's also brought to the scale.  The bass certainly cooperated with the anglers, as winning weight was 18+ lbs, 17+ lbs second, and 16+ lbs third.
Crappie   Crappie are still being caught in the same pattern as the past month or so.  Continue to fish on the flats in 10+ feet of water, with a depth of 8 feet.  Some of the better numbers are being caught on the outer edges of the flats.  The best bait continues to be minnows.


  Catfish continue to be caught on the flats in 10 feet of water with the jugs set about 5-8 feet deep.  Best bait continues to the cutbait.  Flatheads and Channel cats continue to be the predominant catches.
Whitebass   the White Bass continue to be scattered, now that the discharge has been slowed.  Best locations are windblown points, where shad are found, and just wait for the whites to surface.



Date   Sep 11, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   704.97  Discharge -0 Water Clarity   Good to slight stain
    Folks, this is the kind of weather that makes a person want to go fishing.  What a beautiful time to be on the water, so if you get the urge, especially after the heat of the past few weeks, we hope you will come visit us at Bucksaw.  Bowhunters should be looking forward to this weekend, with the forecast calling for a couple of fantastic days to open the season with.  We've been seeing some nice deer along the shoreline while fishing, and with the high water from the past several months visibility should be no problem along the lake.  We'll also be glad to point you in the right direction is you need some hunting help.
Bass are starting their migration to the creeks, and this should continue with the cool nights that are predicted.  Right now they are being found from the mouths of the creeks to about halfway back, especially if there are some type of secondary points.  Best baits are spinnerbaits, topwater baits early, with some crankbaits fish are also being caught.
Crappie   Crappie are still being found on the flats, usually in 10+ feet of water, holding at around 8 feet.  The bite right now is fair, with some good sized crappie being caught, although not the numbers as before.  The best bait continues to be minnows.


  Catfish continue to be caught on the flats with jugs, with mainly Blues and Channel catfish being caught.  Best bait right now is cutbait.
Whitebass   White Bass right now are scattered, with the schools usually surfacing on windy points early and late.  You can catch several, and the school will go back down, and you have to wait for them to surface again.  Best baits, as usual are the lipless crankbaits, and rooster tail type baits.


Date   August 28, 2007 Water Temp   85
Lake Level   707.32  Discharge -240 cfs Water Clarity   Stained
    Truman Lake continues to hold at near normal pool.  With the Corps drawing water at a low rate, fishing continues to turn towards the normal summer patters.  Make sure you get your reservations for this weekend, if you haven't already.  Good luck fishing, and remember to be safe this weekend, as we want you to return.
Bass continue to move into the summer pattern, and are being found on tree and fence rows.  Main Lake points continue to hold some fish early, with a buzzbait and topwater bite early, changing over to jigs and big worms as the sun gets higher.
Crappie   Crappie continue to be found on main lake flats, although the depth may vary day to day.  Although the numbers will not be as good as several weeks ago, the fish are making up in size, with the average length being around 10".  Continue to fish minnows around trees, but don't be afraid to try different depths until you locate the fish.


  The catfish bite continues to be good on trot and jug lines.  Fish the main lake flats adjacent to deeper water, with the best baits still the perch and cut shad.
Whitebass   White bass continue to surface early and late on the main lake points, especially those with wind blowing on them.  Best baits are lipless crankbaits and rooster tails.  Don't forget to try trolling with the same baits while you wait for them to surface.
 Just a reminder that bow season will begin shortly, and we are available to assist you with advice about different areas around the lake.  Being a Corps of Engineers Lake, land around the lake is open to the public unless posted otherwise.  The Lodge, Cabins and RV Park are open through deer seasons, so if you're interested in hunting Truman Lake for deer, turkey and waterfowl, give us a call.  We also guides available to help you with your hunting.


Date   August 22, 2007 Water Temp   85
Lake Level   707.84  Discharge -none Water Clarity   Good
    Well folks, the lake is nearly back to normal, and the Corps has slowed the discharge to about zero, but the fishing continues to be good. Now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday weekend, and making your reservations.  If you're going to need a place to stay, a boat or jet ski to rent, or want to go out with one of our top guides, now is the time to call.  Remember, Bucksaw is the ONLY full service resort on the water at Truman Lake and we look forward to helping you enjoy your visit to Truman Lake.
The Bass have started to scatter to the tree and fence rows on the lake.  As usual, the early morning bite is best on buzzbaits and topwater, changing to jigs and big worms when the sun gets up.  A two day tournament last weekend took 30+ pounds to win, so the bass can still be caught.
Crappie   The Crappie bite is still good, and the fish are still located where they've been for the past several months.  If your coming to Truman Lake, look for trees on the main lake flats, located in about 20 ft. of water.  The best bite is still on minnows fished about 10 ft. down.


  If you can believe it, the Catfish bite is improving with a good number of fish being caught on the flats.  As usual, the best bite is on trot lines and jugs, baited with cut shad and worms. 
Whitebass   The White Bass are coming to the surface early and late in the day on the main lake points, chasing shad.  As has been the case, the best bite continues to be on lipless crankbaits, but when they get in one of the feeding frenzies, they'll bite just about anything you can throw at them.


Date   August 5, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   713.75   Discharge - 39,000cfs Water Clarity   Good
    Folks, now is the time to visit Bucksaw Resort at Truman Lake, as the overall report for fishing is Fantastic, and it should remain this good for at least the next week or so.  Come in and see us, and we can put you on some good fish, no matter what you want to catch.  If you need additional information, give us a call at 660-477-3900, and ask for the Marina.
The Bass bite continues to be good, as it has the past several weeks.  Best bite is on points with current fishing topwater baits early and late, with crankbaits and big worms during the day.  Have had several reports of two nice bass being caught on the same crankbait at the same time.
Crappie   Right now the Crappie fishing is Excellent.  There are good numbers of fish being caught in the Grand Arm, as well as a lot of BIG fish in the 12-14" range.  The bite continues to be on minnows fished about 10 ft. down in trees setting on flats in 20 ft of water.


  Catfishing has been good on jugs and trolt lines set on flats adjacent to channels.  Best baits are the cut shad and perch.  Set the baits around 5-10 ft deep.  Several nice catches were brought in last week.
Whitebass   The White Bass bite right now is the best it's been this year.  There have been several reports of over 100 being caught within 1 and 1/2 hours, and numerous limits filled with good sized whites.  As expected, the best bite is on main lake points with current, and can be found throughout the day.  The best bite has been on the new Strike King Red Eye Shad crankbaits, as the white bass have actually destroyed several in one afternoon.  Best colors have been the Blue/Chrime, and the Shad.  If you're lucky, you may also catch some walleye, and Largemouth bass mixed in.


Date   July 30, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   720 - Discharge 56,000cfs Water Clarity   Good
    With the Corps continuing to pull water this week, the bite should be good all week, so this is the time to visit us.  We can fix you up with free advice on where to fish, rental boats if needed, or a guide trip with one of our professional guides.
The Bass bite continues to be good on Truman lake, especially for this time of year.  The best bite continues to be on main lake and secondary points with current.  Top water early, and then switching to crankbaits and soft plastics later on is the bait of choice to use.  This past weekend, it took over 20 pounds to win a tournament on Truman Lake.
Crappie   The Crappie bite continues to be excellent in the areas within 5 miles of Bucksaw.  The majority of fish are being caught off of timber on the flats in 20 ft. of water fishing about 10 ft. deep. The best bait continues to be minnows fished on 1/16 - 1/8 ounce
jig heads.


  Catfish continue to be biting good.  The best fish are still found on the flats on trot lines and jug fishing with cut bait and perch being the best baits.
Whitebass   The White Bass continue to be found on main lake points with current.  Crankbaits and rattle traps will produce the best, but you may have to move around to find the schools.


Date   July 26, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   722.14 Water Clarity   Good
    With the Corps pulling as much water as they have been, the good fishing should continue.  You can launch your boat with no problems here at Bucksaw, and we'll be glad to point you in the right direction to put you on some fish.  Now is the time to come see us.
Bass fishing has been good as well.  Fish the main lake points early with top water baits, and switch to soft plastics and crankbaits later in the day.
Crappie   The crappie bite is still going strong up in the Grand arm.  Fish the flats with timber, using minnows.  Numerous limits have been brought in, with a lot of nice size fish being caught.


  Catfish have been best on the flats usiing trot lines and jugs baited with cutbait, worms and perch.
Whitebass   The White Bass have started to pick up, fishing points with current using crankbaits, rattletraps.  You may also find some walleye mixed in on the points.


Date   July 17, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   729 Water Clarity   Clear
    The lake level has fallen, and the parking lot and ramp are now accessible.  Water conditions continue to be very good, as is the fishing.  We're looking forward to helping you put some good fish on your stringer, so come see us.
Bass fishing is good on the main lake points early in the morning on topwater baits.  There is a good current being drawn over the points so later in the day fish 10 inch worms and jigs from 1 - 4 ft. deep in the current.
Crappie   Crappie fishing continues to very good in this part of the lake, with a good number of big Crappie being caught.  Earlier this week, a 2 pound Crappie was brought in.  Crappie are continuing to hold on the flats around 10 ft. deep in 20 ft of water or so.  Best bait right now are minnows, fished on a jig head.


  Fishing continues to be good on the flats for Catfish.  Trot lines and Jugs baited with cut baits, worms and perch are the bait of choice in 5-10 ft of water.  Some really nice catfish are being caught right now.
Whitebass   No report


Date   July 12, 2007 Water Temp   80
Lake Level   730 Water Clarity   Clear
    With the lake level at 724 ft we have water in the parking lot. The great majority of trash and debris has moved past Bucksaw, towards the dam area. At this time, the water conditions here are very good with Clear visibility. Our launching ramp is covered with water, but it is usable. If you need any guidance contact the Marina and we'll help you. Right now the fishing is possibly the best it's been so far this year. Come out and visit us
With the rising water having exposed a lot of new structure, Bass fishing has been good. Topwater baits early and late on main lake and secondary points has been productive, with jigs and 10" worms as the sun gets higher. Some of the new flooded structure that has been productive has been the picnic tables in the campground, so they are even worth a try.
Crappie   Crappie fishing on the Upper Grand right now is Very Good. The Crappie have really turned on in the last couple days. Best fishing is being found on the flats in 20+ ft of water, fishing 10 ft deep with minnows. The Crappie can't decide whether they like cedars or hardwood trees best, so if you're going fishing, make sure to keep moving to different trees.


  Catfish are Good right now, being caught on the Flats. Best bait have been cut baits, worms, and perch on trot lines, set in 5 - 10 ft of water, along with jugs.
Whitebass   No report


Date   July 1, 2007 Water Temp   81
Lake Level   712.06 & rising Water Clarity   Stained
Bass fishing is good, fish the main lake and secondary points using buzz baits early and jigs and worms when the sun comes up. With the water rising fish the flooded bushes and timber on the points. Bucksaw Resort hosted the Walmart Bass Fishing League tournament this week end and it took 21+pounds to win. We had several nice fish come to the scales.
Crappie   Crappie fishing on the upper Grand has slowed due to the changing water conditions. If you come down to crappie fish, the best bite is below the marina. Fish the flats and fence rows between Bucksaw and the Damn. Fish in water 12 ft deep or more and fish 9 ft down. Minnows are the bait of choice.


  Catfish are being caught in the back of the creeks. Fish the creeks the have water coming in using cut bait and worms. We are seeing a lot of big fish being caught on perch on the flats in 10 ft of water and fishing 5 ft deep. With the water coming up the catfishing will be good.
Whitebass   No report


Date   June 26, 2007 Water Temp   79
Lake Level   706.89, Discharge 20,000 CFS Water Clarity   Stained
Bass   Early morning top water bites on main lake points and secondary points.  As the sun comes up, switch to using 10" red shad worms on the same points.  Most fish are being caught in 10' of water or less around structure.  The Ozark Mountain Team Trail, June 23rd took 20+ pounds to win, and several limits brought to the scales.
Crappie   Crappie fishing in the grand arm is good.  The fish that are being caught are on the summer time flats, in 10' of water or more, about 8' deep, using minnows.  The best bite is from the Long Shoal bridge to just above the Bucksaw area.  Best bite is early morning and afternoon.  Look for isolated trees, roads and fence roads.  We are seeing lots of nice limits coming in, with some heavy weights.  Crappie fishing is worth the trip here!


  Catfish are being caught on main lake flats in 10' of water, fishing 5' deep.  We are seeing lots of flat heads, channel cats and blue cats come in.  The bait of choice is cut shad and for big flat heads, perch.  In the last two weeks we've seen several flat heads over 30 pounds.
Whitebass   White Bass are being caught on humps, road beds and main lake flats.  Early morning, white bass are schooling on windy points.  Bait of choice is rattle traps, little georges and spoons


Date   June 18, 2007 Water Temp   77
Lake Level   709 Water Clarity   Stained
Bass   Bass fishing is been good - with good numbers of keepers being caught.  Worms (Blue Fleck and Red Shad) and jigs (browns) have been working well.  Concentrate on main and secondary points and associated flats with 10' or less water.  Have a spinnerbait (white or white/chart) tied on if the wind comes up.  Early day topwater has produced some action (spooks, buzzers) - this bite will extend on into the morning in overcast cloudy conditions.
Crappie   Crappie has been decent out in 18-24' depths in the trees (vary your depth until you find them).  Jigs with minnows or straight minnows have been getting most of the fish.


  Jug and Trot line fisherman have been doing good on cut bait (shad) main lake flats near points.
Whitebass   Some better hybrids starting to show up in the standard areas (KK Island).  Fish them in the evenings for best action.  Reports of some white being caught around the weir.


Date   April 17, 2007 Water Temp   52
Lake Level   710.02 Water Clarity   Stained
Bass   Bass fishing is good lots of fish being caught on spinner baits and jigs. The fish are in 1 to 5 ft of water. Fish the secondary points and keep on the move .The water is perfect for a spinner baits. White and gray is the color of choice.
Crappie   The crappie that are being caught are out in the timber. Fish the trees that are in the creeks in 10 ft of water and fish 5 ft deep. The bait of choice is minnows. Fish the creeks that are below the marina between here and long shoal. With the nice weather look for the crappie to hit the bank very soon. Late afternoon is the best time to go.


  Catfish are being caught on cut bait in the mouth of the creeks.Fish in 10 ft of water and set your stagings at 5 ft.In the last week we have seen a lot of blue cats come in. The catfishing is good.
Whitebass   No report.


Date   April 06, 2007 Water Temp   54
Lake Level   708.98 Water Clarity   Lightly stained
Comments   Very Fishable. Water temp 54 degrees in the morning And warming up in the afternoon. Bucksaw resort and marina is under new owner ship come in and see us and all the improvements going on.
Bass   Bass fishing is good the fish are shallow and being caught on spinner baits and jigs.Fish the back of the creeks and pockets in 1 to 5 ft of water.Fish a 3/8 oz spinner bait in the gray colors.We are seeing a lot of nice fish come in.
Crappie   Crappie fishing has slowed some.The fish were showing up on the banks but with the cold weather they have backed off.You can catch them off the banks a little in 8 to 10 ft of water.The bait of choice is blu/white or blk/char in the 1/16 oz size.We were seeing a lot of nice fish come in last week that were being caught on the banks.As soon as this cold front gets out of here they will be on fire.The best fishing was above the marina.


  Catfish are being caught on cut bait on the flats.Fish 10 ft of water down 5 ft.we are seeing a lot of nice blue cats come in.Main lake flats and mouths of the creeks are working.Catfishing is good.
Whitebass   No report.

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